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Hello Lance;


Just a short note to state that I am very impressed with the foam spray job you did on my basement. I know you had difficulty at getting into some of the corners but your polite and patient attitude with me got the job done.

Excellent work from you and Daylon.


When I did my quote research, all three of you came back with same price range. You and one other company came out to see the job and take measurements before giving the quote.

Lance, the biggest benefit that set you apart from the other two companies was your thinking out of the box on my basement job. I was given quotes on at 2" spray thickness which replaces the need for vapor barrier and 3" as I understand it is minimal for code.

Lance, it was your proposal to do a 3" coat in the joist box ends / top sill plate and down the wall 4 feet which is below grade and then save on foam cost by finishing the wall with a 2" coat.

You quote going this route saved me $416.00 on foam and the 13% HST that would have gone with it.


Thanks again Lance.

Well done.

Murray Sweet

Lindsay Ontario

May,11 2016

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